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Usable in Organic Farming, VETEBIOL Veterinary Balm should be used on cattle in case of udder congestion. It contains a fatty base enriched with 8 plant extracts, for a soothing, decongestant and repairing effect.

VETEBIOL Veterinary Balm

VETEBIOL Veterinary Balm is recommended whenever a decongestant, soothing and repairing effect is required, whether used alone or in addition to other forms of treatment:

– In addition to standard mastitis treatment
– As preventive treatment at the end of lactation to relieve udder congestion
– At the beginning of lactation to reduce oedemas
– Damage to udders and teats
– Udder confusion/bruises of the udder

Does not contain antibiotics or leave residue in milk.

Dosage and instructions for use :

As soon as the first signs appear, wash the udder and teat with soapy water then apply the products liberally and rub in until completely absorbed (possibility of using single-use gloves). Repeat 2 to 3 times a day if necessary.

Immediately effective

Presentation of  Veterinary Balm :

100g pot : ACL 9616300
400g tub : ACL 9616292

Product usable in Organic Farming in accordance with EC regulation n°834/2007 on 28th June 2007

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