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Welcome to the new website VETEBIOL

Our philosophy

VETEBIOL health and care products for use on production-type animals and horses are the result of pharmaceutical know-how combined with the ancestral resources of plants and essential oils and have been recognized for many years for their therapeutic properties.

VETEBIOL, formerly VEGEBOM products have gained the trust of their users as well as the professionals involved in animal health thanks to their efficacy, safety and user-friendliness.

Although currently very topical, there’s no point in using plants and essential oils if they’re not effective. VETEBIOL, formerly VEGEBOM health and care products have proved themselves over many years and are unanimously recongnized to heir efficacy both by farmers and the numerous veterinary surgeons who recommend them.

To ensure utmost safety, VETEBIOL health and care products are :

– Made from carefully selected and analysed natural substances,

– Produced in France under pharmaceutical control according to French “Good Manufacturing Practice” standards,

– Subject to bacteriological and quality tests prior to being put on the market,

– Free from toxic, doping and antibiotic agents,

– Traceable thanks to their batch number and expiry date printed on the packaging.

Thanks to their galenical nature, the excipient of which is a combination of fatty substances, VETEVIOL health and care products are easy to apply and are completely absorbed by the area requiring treatment. This fatty base also helps potentiate the action of the essential oils.