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Vegetable Balm for Horses is essential to care for and maintain the skin and muscles of the equine species: racehorses, leisure horses, mares and foals… It contains 8 plant extracts and relieves congestion and soothes and promotes skin repair.

VETEBIOL Vegetable Balm for Horses

Its efficacy and tolerance have been validated by a clinical study conducted by the Equine Veterinary Clinic in Chantilly.

VETEBIOL Vegetable Balm for Horses should be used in the following cases :

– Following any physical effort :

As preventive treatment to prepare the muscles
Following any effort, to aid recovery and relax muscles

– On superficial skin wounds

In the event of pastern wounds, saddle/harness wounds, chapped skin, itching, bruises, insect bites…

Entirely safe – contains neither camphor nor preservatives.

Advice for use :

Gently massage into the area that requires treatment, 2 to 4 times a day.

Do not apply the Vegetable Balm for Horses to infected wounds.

Presentation :

400 g pot : ACL 9616323
4 kg bucket : ACL 9616346

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