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VETEBIOL Horse Cleansing Foam is a 100% natural formula with vegetable glycerin and Aleo Vera. Its original foam texture perfectly impregnates the hair to ensure optimal action and make it soft and silky.

VETEBIOL Horse Cleansing Foam

The Horse Cleansing Foam lotion is composed of a gentle cleansing base of natural origin to ensure a gentle cleaning of the horse and pony, for good dermatological compatibility.

The foam must be applied directly on the animal and then rubbed with a cloth without rinsing. Then brush to smooth the hair.

VETEBIOL lotion is ideal for the care of the horse without having to shower it systematically. It can take everywhere and integrate into the essential products for competitions.

In case of contact with the eyes or mucous membranes, rinse thoroughly.

The Horse Cleansing Foam is available in a 150 ml bottle: ACL 2062382

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