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This ointment is essential for the care and maintenance of skin and muscles of the equine species: horses for shopping, leisure, mares, foals, donkeys ... Composed of 8 herbal extracts, it decongests, soothes and promotes skin repair.

VETEBIOL Vegetable balm horse

Its efficacy and tolerance have been validated by a clinical study at the Equine Veterinary Clinic in Chantilly.

The vegetable balm horse is to use:

with each physical effort:
In prevention to prepare the muscles
After the effort to facilitate recovery and relax the muscles.

in case of superficial skin lesions
In case of pastern wounds, harness injuries, cracks, itching, hematomas, insect bites …

This product is to apply in light friction on the area to be treated, 2 to 4 times a day and not to apply on an infected wound. This vegetable balm is safe – without camphor – without preservatives and available in a 400 gr pot and a 4 kg bucket

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