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The alternative plants and essential oils, although it is of current interest only if efficiency is at the rendezvous. The hygiene and care products VETEBIOL, formerly VEGEBOM have been proven for many years and are unanimously recognized for their effectiveness by both farmers and the many veterinarians who advocate.


To ensure optimum safety, VETEBIOL hygiene and care products are:

– Composed of natural substances rigorously selected and analyzed,
– Made in France under pharmaceutical control according to the French standards of Good Manufacturing Practices,
– submitted to bacteriological and quality control tests before being placed on the market,
– Without toxic agents, doping agents or antibiotics,
– Traceable thanks to their batch number and expiry date written on the packaging.


Thanks to their galenic substance whose excipient is a mixture of fatty substances, VETEBIOL hygiene and care products are easy to apply and penetrate perfectly on the area to be treated. This fatty base also makes it possible to potentiate the action of essential oils.