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Now usable in Organic Farming *, this product is a complete care in the maintenance and protection of the udder and skin in all livestock (cows, goats, ewes ...).
Composé d’extraits de plantes rigoureusement sélectionnées, le VETEBIOL Baume Actif Végétal décongestionne et assouplit la mamelle. Il favorise l’asepsie et adoucit la peau.

VETEBIOL Active vegetable balm

The active vegetable balm is to use in prevention to keep teats healthy and protect the udders, or in case of congestion of the udder, during calving, drying …. and / or to fight against cracks, crevices, frostbites of the udders and skin.

The product is to be applied in light frictions after milking, 2 to 4 times a day. This plant active balm is without delay and available in 400 grs jar

LCD code 9616317

* Product usable in organic farming in accordance with the EEC Regulation n ° 834/2007 of June 8, 2007

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